George Clooney, Stacy Keibler Breakup Rumors Inevitably Persist

As George Clooney and Stacy Keibler approach their year-and-a-half mark, the breakup rumors are inevitably trickling in for Hollywood's most notorious bachelor and the former WWE star.

According to a source for Us Weekly, the pair's waning romance is due to the fact that "they have little in common" and that "she likes to go out and have fun. She's been feeling the age difference." And in October, the New York Daily news quoted an insider that claimed the pair were "barely talking" and that "George is being really distant and pulling away from her."

But is the 18-year age difference truly to blame? Clooney, 51, and Keibler, 33, were always doomed from the start, it seemed, despite the lovey-dovey poses the pair struck at the 2012 Academy Awards and the flashy PDA in Cabo. Clooney has never held down a relationship with a girl for longer than five years or so -- he had rumored romances with over a dozen girls -- and swore off marriage after a brief commitment to Talia Balsam (who is now happily married to John Slattery). Meanwhile, Keibler always seemed like an ambitious performer who had her sights on being known for more than the "Legs of WCW" and a "Dancing With the Stars" contestant.

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