George Clooney Talks Marriage, Malaria On 'Piers Morgan Tonight'

Malaria: fun. Marriage: not so much.

That was George Clooney's unconventional equation in an interview on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' that aired Friday. The star appeared on the show with his father, Nick, to talk about movies, his charity work, and briefly, his love life.

When dad Nick asked Clooney to think about marriage, citing his own 51-year marriage to Clooney's mother, George made clear that he wasn't interested.

"I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married," he said, talking of his 1989 wedding to actress Talia Balsam, which ended in 1993. "Yeah, so I've proven how good i was at it, and I just... I'm allowed one."

"Well, you know, even with malaria, it's just good fun. I guess the mosquito in juba looked at me and thought I was the bar."

Despite his massive advocacy -- for the Sudan, Haiti and much more -- there's one thing Clooney doesn't seek: political office.

Honestly, my job is as good as they get. Why would you change it?" he asked rhetorically. "The truth of the matter is -- let's use the president that we have now as an example. In every way wants to do the right thing. Kind. Considerate. Passionate. The guy I would want in charge and he's having a very, very hard time. Why would anyone want to be in any of those positions? I applaud anyone that goes into public service."

As for non-nuptial and non-political plans, Clooney will star with Sandra Bullock in the upcoming space drama, 'Gravity.'

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