George Clooney Recalls Really Gross Detail About Jimmy Kimmel's First Show

The movie star brought up the disgusting incident to help the host celebrate the talk show's 20th anniversary.

Actor George Clooney on Thursday remembered his appearance on the first-ever “Jimmy Kimmel Show” for a really disgusting reason. (Watch the video below.)

To mark the 20th anniversary of the ABC talk show, the Oscar winner was reminiscing about the original episode with fellow guest Snoop Dogg and host Kimmel when the incident came to mind.

“By the way, we got the audience drunk,” Clooney said. “Do you remember?”

“Remember somebody threw up?” he asked Snoop Dogg.

“She got sick,” Snoop replied.

“Yes, she threw up,” Clooney followed. “Amateur!”

“By the way, we assumed she was vomiting because she was drunk,” Kimmel chimed in. “It may have just been the show.”

The talk show, which launched on Jan. 26, 2003, after the Super Bowl, immediately halted the practice of serving alcohol to the audience, Variety reported.

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