George Conway Delivers Blistering Fact-Check Of Donald Trump's Flood-Of-Immigrants Claim

Kellyanne Conway's husband also threw shade at Trump with a retweeting spree during the State of the Union.

George Conway, the husband of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, has taken Donald Trump to task with a fact-check of the president’s false claims about illegal border crossings.

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, ahead of his State of the Union address, that “tremendous numbers of people are coming up through Mexico in the hopes of flooding our Southern Border.”

“We will build a Human Wall if necessary,” he added. “If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!”

Conway hit back at his wife’s boss with figures released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency:

Conway has become a vocal critic of Trump and his administration in recent months, despite his wife’s senior position within the White House and regular stumping for the president on television.

He did not tweet directly about Trump’s State of the Union speech to the joint session of Congress, but did throw shade at POTUS with these retweets: