George Conway Thinks Trump Admin's Relationship With GOP Is About To Collapse

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway's husband said an online article claiming "the signs of a collapse are here" was "exactly right."

An article published by online magazine Slate says “the signs of a collapse” in the relationship between President Donald Trump’s White House and the GOP “are here.”

And George Conway ― the husband of top presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway ― wholeheartedly agreed. “Exactly right,” the longtime Trump critic tweeted on Wednesday.

Conway pointed to a passage in the Slate article ― titled “Republican Leadership Is Slowly Backing Away From Trump” ― to make his point.

“The extent to which Republicans are distancing themselves from the White House is a poor sign for a future where even more of the administration is under investigation,” read the lines in the article cited by Conway. “The question is what pushes everything over the brink.”

Conway, who has garnered headlines in recent months for his criticism of Trump (despite his wife’s position of influence within the administration), knocked Trump with this post on Friday:

He also appeared to fact-check his own wife following her explosive interview last week with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

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