George Conway Schools Trump About Mitt Romney's Election Statistics

Kellyanne Conway's husband shut down Trump with some facts.

George Conway used election statistics to call out Donald Trump after the president taunted Utah senator-elect Mitt Romney for losing the 2012 election to Barack Obama.

In response to Romney’s blistering opinion piece about him in The Washington Post, Trump posted a tweet on Wednesday discussing how he won “big” in the 2016 election:

Romney did lose the 2012 election to Obama. However, Trump failed to note that he gained a smaller 46.1 percent of the national vote in 2016 compared with Romney’s 47.2 percent four years earlier.

Conway, a vocal Trump critic whose wife is White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, was more than happy to highlight the point:

On Tuesday, Conway roasted Trump for attempting to take credit for low gas prices: