George Conway Resurrects Monster Of An Old Nickname For Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway's attorney husband explained why the moniker is more fitting than ever.

George Conway on Wednesday explained why he thinks this week proves “King Kong” is a suitable nickname for President Donald Trump.

The conservative attorney ― in a new opinion column for The Washington Post titled “Trump’s ‘King Kong’ nickname has come into full fruition” ― noted the president was initially given the moniker by his first White House counsel Don McGahn, who resigned in October 2018, following heated exchanges with his boss.

Conway, a staunch critic of the Trump administration despite his wife Kellyanne Conway’s lofty role within it, said the president’s “behavior this week demonstrates” how it “fits for another reason as well.”

“It reflects Trump’s desire to escape constraints — in particular, legal constraints,” he wrote. “That Kong-like urge was illustrated by two developments: the president’s latest executive clemency spree and his continued attacks against the federal judiciary.”