Trump Led 'Multifaceted Criminal Conspiracy' To Destroy Democracy, Says George Conway

The upcoming Jan. 6 hearings don't need any new "bombshells," lawmakers just need to show exactly what happened, Conway tells Jake Tapper on CNN.

Conservative attorney George Conway on Sunday accused former President Donald Trump of leading a “multifaceted criminal conspiracy” aimed at shutting down a legitimate election and overthrowing democracy.

Conway, the husband of Trump’s one-time White House aide Kellyanne Conway, blasted the former president as head of the conspiracy to Jake Tapper on CNN ahead of Thursday’s first televised hearing of the House select committee investigating last year’s Jan. 6 insurrection.

The hearings will feature both live witnesses and videotaped interviews. Trump’s involvement in the wide-ranging scheme to upend the election will serve as the “through line,” according to The Washington Post. The final hearing will focus on Trump and will contain new “bombshells.”

Conway told Tapper that no new “bombshells” are required. All lawmakers need to do is “lay out the things that what we have seen come out over the last 17 months and lay it out in an orderly and compelling fashion,” he explained.

“The fact of the matter is ... this was an attempted coup; this was an attempt to overthrow democracy,” Conway said. “It was an attempt to stop, dead in its tracks, on Jan. 6, the peaceful transition of power — and that’s a coup,” he added.

“It was a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy led by the president of the United States to stop — by whatever means necessary — the proper counting of electoral votes under the 12th Amendment,” Conway declared.

The House select committee hearings will be the culmination of detailed investigative work that involved more than 1,000 interviews with witnesses and the examination of 125,000 documents. It will be the most detailed examination to date of the events that led up to the violent insurrection.

After the hearings, the committee can refer cases for prosecution, but it’s up to the Justice Department to decide whether to file charges.

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