George Conway Says 'This Could Be The Thing' That Takes 'Narcissist' Trump Down

The conservative attorney said Trump viewed sensitive documents as his property "because he is the world’s ultimate narcissist."

Conservative attorney George Conway speculated that former President Donald Trump didn’t return sensitive documents when leaving the White House because he’s an entitled narcissist ― and predicted it might be his undoing.

The FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday. The items FBI agents sought reportedly included classified documents about nuclear weapons and other highly sensitive materials.

Several sources told the New York Times that Trump had repeatedly resisted efforts by the National Archives to retrieve the documents and had been subpoenaed in search of them months ago by the Justice Department.

“This is about the most sensitive of sensitive information you could imagine. And he viewed them ― because he is the world’s ultimate narcissist ― as his property,” Conway told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday.

“And he thought could just take them and they belong to him, just like the election belonged to him, just like his generals across the river at the Pentagon belonged to him.”

“Some nerd librarian wants to take that away from him? Some loser librarian? No, he’s not going to do that,” he added.

“You could see exactly how this has happened. And, you know, this could be the thing that really takes him down.”

Conway, who is married to Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former senior White House counselor, is an outspoken critic of the former president who co-founded a prominent anti-Trump Republican political action committee.

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