George Conway Trolls Trump Over Pic At Golf Club Breakfast Bar During 'Emergency'

The president chilled with some "eggsecutive time" amid the alleged border crisis.

George Conway, husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, got a chuckle Saturday out of a photo that captured President Donald Trump grazing at his Florida golf course’s omelet bar.

Conway joked that it was an “emergency round,” highlighting the image of a very relaxed-looking president in the middle of what he claims is a “national emergency” on the southern border.

The photo was snapped by a “source” at the president’s golf resort in West Palm Beach near Mar-a-Lago and sent to journalist J.D. Durkin, Washington bureau chief for financial network Cheddar, he wrote on Twitter. Durkin posted it, to the delight of thousands of his followers.

An image of a far more vigorous-looking Trump demanding, “Can you walk the walk?” from an old Walgreen’s ad hangs behind the bar.

Trump declared the national emergency Friday so he can build his border wall, despite the decision of Congress to give him only $1.37 billion to construct fencing. He left for his golf vacation soon after. He has no publicly scheduled events this weekend.

Turns out the border situation wasn’t all that dire after all. He conceded earlier that he “didn’t need to” declare an emergency, but wanted the wall to be built faster.

Twitter got the picture.