Sly George Conway Now Identifies Himself As A 'Windmill Cancer Survivor'

Kellyanne's husband chops down Trump's remark that the sound of wind turbines causes cancer.

Who’s way funnier than White House aide Kellyanne Conway? Her attorney husband, George Conway, who is now describing himself on his popular Twitter site as a “windmill cancer survivor.”

The profile modification (it used to say simply “lawyer”) is a disdainful dig at President Donald Trump’s increasingly outlandish criticisms of wind power. First, Trump oddly insisted that televisions simply turn off suddenly whenever the wind stops blowing in communities that use wind power. Then he complained that wind turbines kill birds and decrease property values. Last week, Trump told an audience at the National Republican Congressional Committee: “And they say the noise causes cancer.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who helped push through tax credits for wind energy, called the comment “idiotic.“

In other bon mots on Trump, George Conway has referred to the president as a “summa cum liar” and says he believes the president’s serial lying is a sign of a mental disorder.

He beat the odds.
He beat the odds.