George Dennehy, 18-Year-Old Guitarist Born Without Arms, Plays With Feet (VIDEO)

George Dennehy was born without arms, but he plays guitar like a pro. How? The 18-year-old from Ashland, Virginia uses his feet. Last month, Dennehy uploaded his performance of "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls to YouTube. The performance was recorded during the Ashland Strawberry Faire; Dennehy is a 2012 Strawberry Faire Scholarship recipient. The video collected only a small number of views, until Dennehy posted the link on Reddit and it shot to the front page of the site in less than 24 hours.

Dennehy also created an "I Am A" page on Reddit, a thread for users to ask questions and read answers. The Virginia teen told Reddit that he eats, types and washes his hair with his feet, and he says he's primarily right-footed.

He also said, "I want it [music] to be my career. I have the opportunity to speak/play at different events or churches, you name it! I'm hoping big things will happen."

Dennehy isn't the only teen who hasn't let physical challenges stop him from achieving his dreams. Fourteen-year-old athlete Coleman Shannon, whose right arm ends at his elbow, recently pitched a no-hitter against his neighboring Little League team. And in 2010, armless piano player Liu Wei became a hit on "China's Got Talent" and achieved Internet fame.

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