George Ferguson's Obituary Remembers 'Small-Time Con-Man With Grandiose Schemes'

It's not what you expect from an obituary -- and that's why the sendoff given to George Ferguson in the Victoria Times Colonist of Canada is so memorable.

Instead of recalling the deceased's great deeds or his role as a family man, this obit does just the opposite:

"What to say about George? Certainly, no one could accuse him of having been a loving son, brother, or father. He'd gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people's money. Was he a small-time con-man with grandiose schemes? Probably. But another view of him is that he was the most exciting member of his family and of the families he married into."

Ferguson was a minister for some time, despite the fact that it "is impossible to say whether or not George was actually religious."

In his later years, Ferguson became known for riding his senior scooter "as recklessly -- and sometimes as drunkenly -- as he had driven his cars in earlier years."

But don't just read these choice quotes. Check out the entire obituary over at, right up to his touching and perfectly-timed final moments.

Maybe you weren't acquainted with Ferguson, but many of us have known people just like him. And this is exactly the sendoff all the George Fergusons of the world deserve.



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