George Hill Naked Pictures Cause Heated Exchange

George Hill's naked body may be here to stay on the web. Nude pictures of the 23-year-old San Antonio Spurs guard appeared at the web site (Warning: click here to see the NSFW pictures.)

A lawyer for the Spurs sent the web site a letter claiming that "the photographs were disseminated illegally and without permission." The organization "demand[s] that immediately and permanently remove the photographs and all references to the Spurs and the Spurs' Marks from its web site." Scroll down to see the full letter, which was posted at TMZ.

Unfortunately for the Spurs and George Hill, a lawyer for shot back, dismissing a Spurs argument as "totally without merit" and calling the team "not so sophisticated" as readers.

For now, it appears that Hill's body will remain on display. Scroll down to see the full letters.

LOOK (via TMZ):