He broke a bone in his neck. The injury is not life-threatening.

Former President George H.W. Bush injured his neck in a fall on Wednesday at his home in Maine, according to his spokesman.

"41 fell at home in Maine today and broke a bone in his neck. His condition is stable -- he is fine -- but he'll be in a neck brace," spokesman Jim McGrath tweeted on Wednesday evening.

Bush, 91, is recovering at a hospital in Portland, Maine. McGrath told CNN that the injury was not life-threatening, and that he does not expect that Bush will require a long hospital stay.

The former president has a form of Parkinson's disease that requires him to use a wheelchair. In December, he was admitted to a hospital in Houston after experiencing shortness of breath that may have been related to his Parkinson's. Despite his medical problems, he remains in high spirits. Last year, he went skydiving on his 90th birthday.

In a statement released on Thursday, the 41st president's office said that Bush had fractured his C2 vertebrae but had never lost consciousness. Bush will be fitted for a brace at Maine Medical Center, but does not plan to undergo surgery for the injury, his office said.

This story has been updated to include additional details about Bush's injury.

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