George Lopez Uses Anti-Gay Slur In Anti-Donald Trump Chant

Did he cross the line while dissing Trump?

George Lopez targeted Donald Trump during a recent stand-up gig, but used an anti-gay slur during the diss.

In a performance on Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona, the comedian took on The Donald over his derogatory comments about Mexicans coming to the United States. "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” Trump said.

Lopez led the crowd in a chant, encouraging the audience to say "fuck that puto" in response to any mention of the GOP presidential nominee hopeful's name. A video of the performance was obtained by TMZ.

"Puto" is a derogatory term in Spanish that can translate to "male prostitute" or "faggot," and many people consider it highly offensive. However, the use of the word is highly debated among Latin Americans, and some argue that the term is inoffensive because it's used very frequently in conversation and rarely when actually speaking about gays.

Lopez has been criticized for using this term in the past in reference to former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former President George W. Bush, and "other Republicans for their anti-immigration, English Only and anti-Latino policies," according to the New Civil Rights Movement.

Holly Cashman, an associate professor of Spanish linguistics who teaches at the University of Maryland, blogged about Lopez's use of the charged term back in 2012 on The Huffington Post.

A representative for the actor had no comment when contacted by HuffPost.

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