George Lopez Canceled: 16 Comedians Who Could Follow Conan On TBS (PHOTOS)

With the announcement that "Lopez Tonight" will air its final episode on Thursday due to poor ratings, many have started speculating what the news could mean for "Conan."

TBS has said nothing about plans for a new show besides vaguely mentioning the possibility of a new original program "down the road," but we think this could be the perfect opportunity for Conan O'Brien and his production company Conaco to prop up another talk show in Conan's image. Just as David Letterman created "The Late Late Show" to follow his own, and "The Daily Show" spun off "The Colbert Report," Conan could create an iconoclastic dynasty just as well.

Few could argue that "Lopez Tonight" and "Conan" were natural matches for one another, but if Conan hand-picked a host to follow him, they could lead an unstoppable juggernaut of late night comedy on TBS. We've chosen 16 comedians that could be great hosts to follow Conan. Let us know if you agree, and if we missed anyone!

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