George Lopez: Sandra Bullock Is Doing 'Great,' Other Friends Talk Screaming Matches

George Lopez visited Sandra Bullock over the weekend, he told reporters Thursday at the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hollywood.

"I went to her house the other day after the Kids' Choice Awards and saw her and sat with her for a few minutes," he said. "She's great. We love her. We all love her."

Sandra was one of the first producers of George's first sitcom, 'The George Lopez Show,' and the two have been friends ever since.

Meanwhile others claiming to be friends of Sandra's have spoken out anonymously, one claiming that she is "over" Jesse and will definitely divorce him.

"When they do talk, it's very little and very nasty," a source told Us Weekly. "She won't forgive him for this."

Another source told RadarOnline.com that Sandra is "basically so embarrassed she wants to die" and that she and Jesse have had several screaming matches over the phone.

The source says that the couple had a final screaming match when Sandra learned of his cheating:

In what seemed like a scene out of a movie that Bullock never intended to star in, the source said "[Jesse] was drinking while they were talking" and that once Bullock said she was divorcing him and that it was over he "broke down in tears and tried to emotionally manipulate [Sandra] with his daughter" because he knows how much she cares about Sunny.

"Immediately after that conversation he started driving to Arizona," the source said of James heading to rehab at the Sierra Tucson retreat. "He was going to prove to Sandra that he was like Tiger."

The source added that James' efforts are not yielding the greatest of results. "He has tried contacting her since, but she is ignoring him," the source revealed.