Boy With Big Heart Asks George Lucas To Change Jedi Marriage Rules

One little Padawan recently learned he could become a protector of the universe and start a family without having to worry about becoming a Sith.

Seven-year-old Colin had written to "Star Wars" creator George Lucas expressing concern he wouldn't be able to get married and become a Jedi at the same time.

Marriage would be out of the question for members of the Jedi order, who are sworn to fight for peace and order in the "Star Wars" series. Strong emotional attachments were believed to lead to the dark side (hey there, Darth Vader), so Colin decided to petition Lucasfilm to change the rule, community blog Geek Dad reported.

The letter read:

Dear George Lucas,

I don’t like that a Jedi cannot get married. I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule. P.S. I want to come to Skywalker Ranch please.

Love Colin

As the video above shows, the kind people at Lucasfilm appeared to write back to Colin and eased his troubled heart. They let him know that the values of a Jedi do, in fact, align with those found in a healthy marriage.

Obviously, Colin was over the moon Death Star.

"I can get married! No way! George Lucas is so nice!" he said.

That he is, Colin. That he is.



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