Dad Has Beautiful Response To Viral Breast Pump Photo

When rapper George Moss posted a photo of himself cleaning his wife's breast pump on Facebook last week, he received thousands of positive messages praising his support for breastfeeding mothers.

If you ever wonder what #rappers do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat. #thuglife

Posted by George Moss on Monday, June 22, 2015

"Love this!! Awesome husbands support their wives and their pumping!!" Facebook user Deserae Coy wrote in the comments section. "Thank you so much for posting this picture normalizing the reality of pumping in public places," said Andrea Anderson. The post earned nearly 50,000 likes and became the subject of countless news pieces.

Reacting to his newfound viral fame, Moss shared a follow-up photo and post two days after the original. While he expressed gratitude for all of the "love, likes, and kind words," the dad said there's another person who deserves all of the credit and support: his wife.

So earlier yesterday I accidentally had a post “go viral” of me cleaning #breastpump bottles for my wife backstage after...

Posted by George Moss on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"This woman AMAZES me!" he wrote, celebrating how she works hard as a breastfeeding mom on the road with her touring husband and 5-month-old baby. "Through all the pain & soreness, frustrations, stress, etc. of trying to breast feed and pump, she gets up in the middle of the night to nurse a hungry baby."

The dad went on to express his support for all breastfeeding moms. "They are making HUGE sacrifices to give our next generation the best possible start in life. And I get this much credit for washing a couple bottles?" he wrote.

Moss even wrote a heartfelt response to commenters who said his words seemed indirectly disparaging to moms who aren't able to or choose not to breastfeed. "I didn’t realize that my words made it seem like mothers who don’t breast feed are some how 'less' of a mother, or don’t also make as great of a sacrifice for their children. It wasn’t my intention to do that, so I sincerely apologize if it came across that way," he wrote. "I salute ALL mothers, fathers, and anyone looking out for the best interest of children (and their fellow man/woman)."

He said that while he and his wife chose to breastfeed their baby, "that in no way discounts the millions of women who either can’t or choose not to breastfeed" and added that "there are many more things that go into parenting then breastfeeding."

Way to support all the parents out there who are doing what's best for their families.