George Plimpton Project Launches

George Plimpton Project Launches
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Is it important to get a statue of George Plimpton up in New York City?

No, probably not.

But we're going to do it anyway.

Why? Because Mr. Plimpton is a great symbol of intelligence, good humor, enlightenment and, most of all, participation. He threw himself into life with a rare verve and vitality that should be remembered.

What's up with the website

Along with trying to raise awareness for the statue, we would like the website to be a place where people can participate in his life in as rich a manner as he participated in the lives of others (such as the Detroit Lions, Boston Bruins, not to mention The Simpsons.)

So, to that end, the fellows at Honest Design have built a website that is as involving as it is informative and illuminating.

One section is the "Tell a George Story" section, where people can add their own memories of how their lives intersected with Mr Plimpton's - if you know any of whom this might be true, please pass this site on to them, we need their two cents.

We also have, in the News and Events section, the "George Song Contest" a competition whose judges include the illustrious John Perry Barlow (of Grateful Dead fame) Lenny Kaye (of Patty Smith fame) and Jenni Muldaur (who should be famous damn it). So if you know any aspiring or superfamous musicians, spread the word there too.

Other upcoming events will be the Plimpton Haiku contest and the Plimpton Fireworks Design contest
(stay tuned.)

As Hunter S. Thompson once wrote "the friends of George Plimpton should and must create a permanent monument to him. So let's get rolling on it."

Yeah, so lets do it for the good Doctor Thompson too.

Finally, just imagine it's years from now and you're walking down 72nd St. as the sun sets and fills the sky with that nice amber light. Wouldn't it be nice to point at a distinguished and tall statue of a man who was smart and funny and generous and be able to say," Look at that. I did a little something to help remember the spirit of that man."?

Yes, that would be nice.

Check it out and spread the gospel.

(you may need the new flash player to see the site but it only takes a handful of seconds to do so and
the link to it can be found at the site address.

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