George Rhome Starts Family Food Fight Because Chicken Is Baked, Not Fried

A family dinner that started out with salt and pepper ended up with charges of assault and harassment — all because George Rhome was steamed that the chicken was baked and not fried.

The Rhome family food fight occurred Sunday night when the various members sat down to break bread.

Instead, they broke a few chairs, mostly over the cooking techniques, employed by Rhome's daughter-in-law, Dottie Jaggi, according to his girlfriend, Anna Jaggi.

“They didn’t do it right and George got mad,” Jaggi told KDKA-TV.

Rhome’s mother, Carolyn, said her son was unhappy early in the meal.

“It started over the vegetables because they usually put them in a bowl in the microwave,” she told the station. "The broth wasn't drained off of it."

From there, it went downhill when Rhome was served his chicken baked, not fried, and he felt it was a little dry -- and said so in no uncertain terms.

Dottie reacted by tossing a chair at Rhome, which made him angry.

The resulting food fight went from the family room to the sidewalk outside their home in Point Marion, Penn., and authorities came and arrested Rhome, 45, on simple assault and harassment charges, reported.

Jason and Dottie Jaggi were also taken into custody on unspecified bench warrants out of Greene County, police told CBS News.

Rhome is in Fayette County jail on a $20,000 bail and will face a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Rhome's mother is surprised that things got so heated.

“He’s usually an easygoing guy,” she told KDKA-TV.


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