George R.R. Martin Clarifies Reports He Doesn't Watch 'Game Of Thrones' (UPDATE)

The author does watch after all, he's just behind.

UPDATE: 10 p.m. ― George R.R. Martin is setting the record straight on reports claiming he doesn’t watch “Game of Thrones.”

The author told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn’t recall telling Metro he didn’t watch the show; he simply said he’s been too busy for TV in general.

Martin, who is still listed as an executive producer on “Game of Thrones,” is apparently just behind watching the seventh season. We’re sure he knows what happens, though. 


Like those in Westeros who have a hard time believing that White Walkers and an army of the dead are on the way, “Game of Thrones” fans must face a hard truth, too.

Some people do not watch the show.

But, oh, sweet summer child, if you thought that’s the worst of it, brace yourself: George R.R. Martin is reportedly one of those people.

The reason is not because of story divergence or even that raven that flew at an inexplicably high speed. The author who gave us the book series that inspired the show reportedly told Metro he just doesn’t have time to watch. Martin claims he’s too busy writing and touring to catch the episodes. 

Whether or not you truly believe that Martin doesn’t have time is up to you, especially because “Game of Thrones” is everywhere now. You can watch it on an actual TV, on your laptop via Amazon, or by a number of other methods. Considering the author has always been old-school when it comes to technology ― supposedly, he still uses an outdated DOS machine to write ― streaming services may not be his thing. But he is still listed as one of the series’ executive producers, so Martin is probably somewhat aware of what’s happening.

For those who are a little put off by the quick pace of Season 7, though, you can rest assured the books won’t follow suit.

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have already said that the show and books are giving two different versions of the story, and Martin echoed the same sentiment.

“The book series and TV adaptation go their separate ways,” Martin said. “On the screen characters are killed right and left. About 20 of them have died already, which are quite alive to me and will appear in a new book.”

As far as when to expect the series’ new book, The Winds of Winter, don’t hold your breath. Though the book was said to be coming in 2017, Metro reported that Martin isn’t aiming for any deadline in particular. And as the 68-year-old author says, “Age does not add enthusiasm.”



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