Rep. George Santos May Have Confirmed His Drag Queen Past In Old Wikipedia Post

The plot gets wilder and wilder for the newly elected Republican fabulist from New York.

After denying reports that he appeared in Brazilian drag performances, freshman Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) — or someone posing as him — may have already verified the accounts.

Santos has blasted claims that he performed in drag as “outrageous” and “categorically false.”

But a typo-riddled Wikipedia post spotted by Politico and created in 2011 by someone identifying himself as “Anthony Devolder” — a name frequently used by the congressman — stated that he started his “stage life at age 17 as [a] gay night club DRAG QUEEN.”

It also states that he won several “GAY ’BEAUTY PAGENTS.”

The Wiki entry, last edited in 2011, appears to match up with biographical information currently provided by Santos, including his birth date and being born to a Brazilian family with a European background, Politico reported Friday.

It also claims “Devolder” acted in a movie starring Uma Thurman and appeared in the TV series “Hanna Montana,” an apparent misspelled reference to a Disney show that starred Miley Cyrus, noted The New York Post.

Any appearances as a drag queen by Santos could cause a meltdown within the Republican Party, whose members have very specifically attacked drag performances as part of their anti-LGBTQ hate campaign.

The lawmaker’s string of lies and fabrications continues to grow. He has fibbed about graduating from college, about graduating summa cum laude, about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, among many other disproved statements. He has insisted his claims were simply “embellishments.”

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