George Santos Claims He Never Wrote His Phony Résumé

The serial fabulist's remarks on his biography "astonished" a New York City-based reporter.

Former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is pointing his finger at an ex-campaign staffer for penning his exaggerated résumé after he previously claimed that he “embellished” the document.

The serial liar, in an interview with CBS New York, declared that he didn’t write the résumé — seemingly referring to a document that he shared with the Nassau County Republican Committee back in 2020 — along with a professional biography, although it’s unclear which biography Santos refers to.

“Those were all put together by a former campaign staffer,” claimed Santos, who did not name the ex-worker.

Santos’ remarks arrive nearly a year after he told the New York Post that he was “embarrassed and sorry” for redecorating his résumé.

“I was uncomfortable with it,” Santos told CBS New York chief political correspondent Marcia Kramer about reading his résumé and biography. “I have plenty of emails pushing back that I didn’t feel comfortable or attached to that bio.”

“But they told you, ‘This is how you get elected,’” said Kramer.

“This is how we move forward,” added Santos before Kramer noted that she was “astonished” by his claim.

Santos, who was expelled from Congress earlier this month, is facing a 23-count federal indictment that alleges conspiracy, false statements, falsification of records, identity theft, wire and credit card fraud. His trial is set to begin in September 2024.

Santos, who has pleaded not guilty to all 23 counts, suggested that in the “essence of justice” he needs to wait to reveal the emails that claim to show him “pushing back” on his bio.

Santos told Kramer that the possibility that he accepts a plea deal is “not off the table.”

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