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George Takei And Stephen Baldwin Debate Kirk Cameron's Controversial Remarks On Homosexuality (VIDEO)

The debate over "Growing Pains" actor Kirk Cameron's controversial remarks on homosexuality continues at full-force.

Now, George Takei and Stephen Baldwin, two stars on opposite ends of the spectrum, took to HLN's "Showbiz Tonight" to discuss the media firestorm that Cameron's statements ignited.

"I am here to support Kirk Cameron, because I think it's important to stand up and voice what he believes in," Baldwin, who is known for his evangelical Christian faith, said. "When you say you're born-again and Christian in Hollywood, there are things that are going to come against you...according to the Christian faith, the nuclear family is the origin of what this country was founded on."

On the flip side, Takei -- who recently announced plans to meet with Donald Trump, an outspoken opponent of marriage equality, to discuss gay marriage -- compared the struggle for marriage equality to that of women's suffrage. "We have to remember yours is a faith-based opinion, and what we're talking about is civil law, apart from your faith," Takei, a known LGBT rights activist, said.

Of course, Takei and Baldwin are only two of the many stars who've been vocal about Cameron. Take a look at what Zach Braff, Debra Messing and even Cameron's "Growing Pains" co-stars Tracey Gold and Alan Thicke had to say below:

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