George Takei Skewers Donald Trump's Speech To Congress In 11 Tweets

"Sorry, just had to get up to go throw up."

George Takei reality-checked President Donald Trump’s congressional speech on Twitter.

As Trump addressed Congress for the first time as president on Tuesday, the “Star Trek” actor and activist went online to call him out on his claims.

For example, when Trump said America “stands united in condemning hate,” Takei retorted that wasn’t possible “when your AG is a racist, your VP attacks LGBTs, and your top advisor is a White Nationalist.”

Similarly, when Trump said he was going to make “communities safer for everyone,” Takei blasted him for “doing the NRA’s bidding and making it easier for mentally ill folks to buy guns.”

And on Trump’s claims that he would “drain the swamp,” Takei fired back that he couldn’t possibly be doing so “by appointing a billionaire dimwit as head of Education and an oilman CEO as head of state.”

Check out Takei’s other tweets below:

Takei wasn’t the only celebrity to have their say on the speech:



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