George Takei Eviscerates Trump's Flag-Burning Outcry With One Single Tweet

It's about freedom.

George Takei is not taking President-elect Donald Trump’s flag burning condemnation lying down. 

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that he believes those who engage in burning the American flag ― which is a Constitutional right, as /www.uscourts.gov/educational-resources/educational-activities/facts-and-case-summary-texas-v-johnson"}}">the Supreme Court ruled in 1989’s Texas v. Johnson, stating it’s protected as free speech under the First Amendment ― should be punished for it. 

Many pushed back against Trump’s remark, including Gregory Lee Johnson, whose protests led to the 1989 case as he linked it to the mentality of fascist leaders. Takei was one of those other people. 

The actor took to Twitter to note that, while in a Japanese internment camp during WWII, he had to pledge allegiance to a flag every day. While he would not personally choose to burn one, he defends the right to do so. 

A small group burned flags outside Trump International Hotel in New York on Tuesday in protest of Trump’s tweet. As for Takei, he’s hoping the President-elect’s tweeting will come to an end. Full stop. 



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