George Takei Nails What's So Dumb About Trump's 'Rigged Election' Gibberish

Has anyone ever had life more rigged in his favor than Mr. Trump?
George Takei knows what he's talking about.
George Takei knows what he's talking about.
Michael Tran via Getty Images

Unless you have been nowhere near a television, computer, smartphone, tablet, human being or major metropolitan area in the last week, you have probably heard Donald Trump rambling on about his baseless assertion that the 2016 election has already been “rigged” in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

On its face, it’s a ridiculous claim, and one that could potentially lead to dangerous consequences should Trump actually lose to Clinton on Nov. 8. But George Takei, local genius, thinks Trump could be onto something, albeit not in the way that the GOP nominee intended. As he concisely stated on Twitter on Tuesday:

Yes, Mr. Trump, the election is rigged, if you mean that one of the candidates received a $14 million loan from his dad to jumpstart his life, as well as many times more hours of free media coverage than any other candidate, Democrat, Republican or otherwise.

The election is rigged, if by that the GOP nominee means that one candidate is allowed to laugh off allegations of sexual assault, play off of the xenophobia and economic fears of frustrated Americans and play up the conspiracy theories pushed forward by Breitbart and the like.

Then yes, Mr. Trump, the election and this life is most certainly rigged. And it’s rigged in your favor.

Hey, at least Takei’s assertion that Trump is a billionaire is probably not true.

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