George Takei Reminds Voters Why Mike Pence Is Our Worst Nightmare

Don't be fooled by Pence.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has a terrible history with the LGBT community, gaining nationwide notoriety after signing a religious freedom law in 2015 that allowed business owners to refuse service to gay customers.

He later amended that specific law, but that didn’t take away from his long record of othering the community, such as in 2006 when he said gay coupling would cause “societal collapse.”

While watching the vice presidential debate on Tuesday night, it may be easy to forget these facts as so much of the focus has been on Donald Trump’s gaffes and fascistic campaign promises.

But actor and longtime LGBT civil rights champion George Takei has taken to Twitter to remind people about Pence’s past. This is a followup from his tweeting efforts during the first presidential debate last week.

Takei warning voters not to be fooled:

Calling Pence out on his hypocrisy:

Aligning Pence’s Indiana background as a nightmare:

Proposing he run for “polisher in chief” instead:

The knockout point:

Continue to read Takei’s take on the debate on his Twitter @GeorgeTakei.

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