Woman Meets George W. Bush While Reporting For Jury Duty

Even presidents have to fulfill their civic duty.

Even presidents have to deal with jury duty. 

Former President George W. Bush was spotted wearing a "Juror" badge in a photo tweeted by Desiree' Bryant of Dallas, who said she met the former president while she was doing jury duty.

While serving as governor of Texas in 1996, Bush was called for jury duty. The defense attorney reportedly excused Bush because his power to pardon convicts could be a conflict. In December 2005, while he was serving as president, Bush was summoned to report for jury duty in Texas.

Despite their busy schedules and high profiles, several other government officials have been summoned for jury duty. According to The Washington Post, John Roberts, the head justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, reported for jury duty in April but was not selected as a juror.

Both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were called to fulfill their civic duty during the first term of the Obama administration. Biden reported for jury duty in Delaware in 2011, but was quickly dismissed, The Associated Press reported. Obama was summoned for jury duty in Chicago in 2010, but he told the court he would not be able to make it. 

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