George W. Bush: Painting 'May Reflect My Precocious Nature'

More than four years removed from his time in the White House, George W. Bush appears to have transitioned well from president to painter.

In a Wednesday interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, Bush revealed what his artistic side adds to the daily life equation, summing it up in four words: "I love to paint."

“You know what the interesting lesson is though, that you can keep learning in life," Bush added. "I mean, some guy one time said to me, ‘Man, you deserve to rest.’ And I don’t wanna rest. I wanna live life to the — I wanna follow the example of President 41 and, you know, sprint into the grave.”

Among the scenes that Bush has tackled: painting his own feet while taking a bath, as well as animals. The paintings were first discovered in February after Bush family emails were hacked, the Associated Press reported.

“By the way, that’s not that easy to paint, water hitting water just so, you know, and the perspective… It’s a beauty, isn’t it?” he told ABC on Wednesday. “It may reflect my precocious nature, me painting myself in a bathtub."

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News published two Sundays ago, Bush added that painting gives him an opportunity to "create." He also reflected on what others think of his work.

"People are surprised," Bush said. "Of course, some people are surprised I can even read."

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