George Weasley Offers A Solution To The Biggest 'Harry Potter' Plot Hole

Actor Oliver Phelps finally clears things up.

As much as we love J.K. Rowling, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense in the “Harry Potter” series.

For example, there’s no discussion of kids taking subjects like math and science. If Muggles have to suffer through algebra, wizard kids should, too. And why didn’t Voldemort just break Harry Potter’s glasses or something? So many plot holes. So little time.

Beyond these little annoyances, one glaring plot hole remains the chosen one: Why didn’t Fred and George notice Peter Pettigrew sleeping in Ron’s bed on the Marauder’s Map?

The Weasley twins had the map, which is able to show the location of each person in Hogwarts, for years before they gave it to Harry. During all that time, wouldn’t they have noticed Ron hanging out with a guy named Peter Pettigrew, who was really an Animagus disguised as Ron’s rat, Scabbers?

We first posed the question to Rupert Grint, who said he didn’t know for sure but added, “That’s a good point,” after we suggested that Ron was technically going to bed with Pettigrew every night.

Thankfully, Oliver Phelps, who played George in the movies, came to the rescue.

Ten points to Oliver Phelps! (On the right, with his brother James on the left.)
Ten points to Oliver Phelps! (On the right, with his brother James on the left.)
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“Maybe it’s a boo in the family that no one talks of. ‘Who’s this Peter bloke?’” said Phelps. He later added, “Maybe it was an unspoken word in the Weasley’s family,” insinuating, perhaps, that Fred and George didn’t want to press Ron on a relationship he wasn’t yet comfortable talking about. Sure, Ron was 11 years old when he first had brought Scabbers/Peter to Hogwarts, but maybe the relationship wasn’t romantic.

Phelps suggested that the family was probably surprised when Ron and Hermione got together.

“When it came out that he got with Hermione, they were like, ‘Oh.’” said Phelps.

The actor admitted he didn’t know for sure, but Phelps’ answer is as good as anyone’s since he’s basically an authority on the Weasleys. Phelps and his brother James, who played Fred Weasley, apparently even know secrets about their characters’ backgrounds from J.K. Rowling, but he wouldn’t reveal them unless it was already out there.

“It was kind of family-based, from her side of it” was all we could get out of him.

So as far as the plot hole goes, it looks like the Weasleys just let Ron do his own thing.

Phelps has to be used to questions like this. Despite getting involved in various charities such as WellChild, Help Harry Help Others and Teenage Cancer Trust and working on other projects, like a potential new TV show with his brother, “Harry Potter” still follows him around every day.

What was it like when the movies ended? Are you working on things with your brother or separately?

I remember the day we wrapped. It really felt like we were trapezing, and they pulled the safety net because we’d always had that balance. We could always go back to the next film, and it’s only subsequently since that I realized what a big thing it is. We were always pretty impressed to be part of it, but it’s a bit weird like, “Oh, what? Not every film is $150 million budget?” You know what I mean? Those sort of things. So it’s certainly been an eye-opener doing it the other way around, I suppose, to what conventional actors do. But since [then] we’ve been very lucky to get in the room with people and talk and meet.

James and I have been doing a few things separately, but I think we both realized that our niche is together in some aspects of it, so we’ve got some other projects of our own we’ll be working on, which has been, again, a new side of it, learning different things. We got a show we’re trying to get off the ground at the moment, so that’s been quite cool.

What’s the show going to be?

It’s still under wraps to a point. I can say it’s a travel documentary show, so the premise is we go to a certain city and we do two sides of the same city.

That actually sounds great. So you two never opened a joke shop?

No, but every time I ever go into Hamleys [Toy Shop] in London, I get a funny look. It’s one of those things, I think, because we are known as pranksters and everything else like that. We never quite went that way, but the good thing about being those characters is that people find us very approachable, which is brilliant. It’s nice when you’re out and about and some people recognize us, and they’ll take a second because the hair is different.

Do people recognize you all the time? Or only when you’re together?

If we’re both together, people know straight away where they recognize us from. I’d say it happens daily.

What’s a memory you have that fans don’t know about?

I remember instantly, the first time we did the read-through. For me, that was one of the funniest bits to sit there and think, “Wow, we’re actually doing this.” That was cool. In terms of stuff you don’t realize, there’s just lots of stuff. Playing football in the Great Hall, which I’m sure Warner Bros. wouldn’t like me talking about. Playing cricket on Privet Drive and things like that.

Did you ever interact with J. K. Rowling on set?

She was probably the most intimidating person I’ve ever met in my life, not by any fault of her own, just by ― she made everything that we were doing. I remember we were in Rupert’s dressing room on one of the later films, and she came in and totally blindsided all of us. I think we were doing something silly, like, we were playing darts but with a crossbow or something not very mature. And she explained where the twins characters came from and where their influences are and stuff like that. I didn’t want to rock the boat too much and ask, “Well, what do they do afterwards ... what does one of them do afterwards?” But it was quite interesting learning the backstories and where the characters came from.

Did you ever hear you weren’t supposed to say the T in Voldemort? It’s supposedly pronounced “Voldemor.”

Oh, really?

Yeah. Rowling revealed that. It was a big thing for days.

No. Wow. Probably could’ve done with knowing that while we were filming it. [Laughs.]

One of my favorite scenes of you was when you caught Ginny and Harry and said, “Morning.”

It was awkward as hell to do, but I remember for some reason the night before I was watching Looney Tunes and you’ve got Bugs Bunny walking around trying to be quiet, so if you watch that scene I pretty much do an over-exaggerated, long, quiet step in the background just because I thought that made it a bit more obvious that he’s goofing about. And the way I said, “Morning,” that comes from my parents, on the phone always speaking like, “Hello, morning.” To me, it made a bit more sense to do it like than to make it more awkward. But it’s kind of taken on a life of itself now.

There are a bunch of Harry Potter theories. One is that George became Willy Wonka.

Maybe. I supposed he’d stick with the entrepreneurship. I thought maybe Ron would come to work with him but he’d be the all-seeing guy. Maybe he would go a little bit mad as Willy Wonka did, to a point. James often talked about maybe Fred became a ghost, like he’d always be jumping out at people or stopping people from stealing in the shop or something like that.

Ever do the switcheroo with each other?

We did on the second film in a long shot rehearsal. I actually read somewhere that we got caught and they had to reshoot the whole film, which I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t. And we were playing identical twins, so it probably wouldn’t have made much difference.

Do you have a lifetime entrance to Harry Potter World?

I think so. I mean, they did say that they would. I wanted a gold card they give you at Disneyland to get in. They said, “Well, we don’t do that at Universal. Just call the office, and they’ll get you in.”

I want a gold card to show you. [Laughs] To be fair to the guys, they’ve always been awesome when we’ve been down, and they’ve had close friends in as well.

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