George Will Rejects Notion That Muslim Unrest May Not Have Occurred Under Romney Presidency (VIDEO)

Conservative commentator George Will on Sunday rejected the idea laid out by an advisor to Mitt Romney that if the Republican candidate had been president, the riots that occurred in much of the Arab world last week -- including attacks in Libya that killed four Americans -- may not have occurred.


On ABC's "This Week," Jake Tapper read a quotation from a Washington Post interview with Romney foreign policy advisor Richard Williamson, according to a video posted on Mediaite. Referring to the unrest over the last week, Williamson said, "[t]here's a pretty compelling story that if you had a President Romney, you'd be in a different situation."

"Is there?" Tapper asked Will.

“No,” Will told Tapper. “The great superstition of American politics concerns presidential power, and during a presidential year that reaches an apogee and it becomes national narcissism. Everything that happens anywhere in the world, we caused or we could cure with a tweak of presidential rhetoric.”

But Will was also critical of the White House, noting that Jay Carney, Obama's press secretary, also misunderstood the situation in the Middle East when he said the riots weren't about U.S. policy, but an anti-Islam video.

"Actually, they're about neither," Will said. "If the video hadn't been the pretext, another one would have been found."

He added: “There are sectarian tribal civil wars raging across the region that we neither understand nor can measurably mitigate."

Click here to read more about Richard Williamson's interview with The Washington Post.

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