Sexual Assault Victim In George Will Column: His Comments Are 'Grotesque'

Sexual Assault Victim In George Will Column Hits Back

Lisa Sendrow — the sexual assault victim whose rape George Will dismissed in his incendiary column — said on Wednesday that she was "outraged" by his comments.

Will came under fire last month after claiming in a column that being a victim of sexual assault is a "coveted status" on college campuses. He used Sendrow's experience as told by Philadelphia magazine to dismiss what he called the "supposed campus epidemic of rape."

Sendrow responded on Wednesday on CNN's morning show "New Day." "He made so many grotesque remarks about sexual assault, dismissing not only my claims but essentially using that as a way to dismiss all sexual assault claims, diminishing what it looks like on college campuses as if it doesn't exist," she said. "That was extremely upsetting for me to read."

She added that skepticism from people like Will is what keeps victims from reporting sexual assault. "This isn't a privilege for anybody," Sendrow said.

When asked what consequences she would like to see for Will as a result of his column, she said that he is "entitled to his opinions," but that she wants him to recognize that sexual assault happens and that there are people who are traumatized by it.

Watch her response in the clip above.

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