George Zimmerman Truck Accident Rescue: Neighborhood Watchman Comes Out Of Hiding To Help Family In Need

It seems the nation has erupted since George Zimmerman was found not guilty for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. While demonstrations have popped up in cities around the country and politicians have clashed over the issue, even prompting the president to speak personally, Zimmerman himself has stayed out of the spotlight.

But the neighborhood watch volunteer came out of hiding last week, to help rescue a family of four trapped in an overturned SUV, ABC News reports.

The Sanford Police Department said the 29-year-old was one of two men who helped the family trapped inside their overturned Ford Explorer at the intersection of I-4 and route 417 in Florida on Thursday evening. It is Zimmerman's first known public sighting since the verdict was announced on July 13.

Although his lawyers spoke with the press and his brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., spoke to CNN after the jury's decision, Zimmerman has remained silent and in hiding since last Saturday.

Martin's parents have both spoken with the media and participated in a recent rally in New York City. Their attorney Benjamin Crump said the family is exploring their legal options in the wake of the verdict.

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Trayvon Martin Timeline