Georgia Deputy Fired After Black Man Beaten In Traffic Stop Video

Roderick Walker, a passenger in the vehicle, was repeatedly punched in the head after he failed to provide ID to deputies, his attorney said.

A Georgia deputy sheriff has been fired following an investigation into a video showing a Black man being beaten on an Atlanta street during a traffic stop on Friday.

The unidentified deputy was terminated for excessive use of force during the arrest of Roderick Walker, 26, the Clayton County Sheriff鈥檚 Office said on Sunday.

In the video, Walker is pinned down by two white deputies as one of them punches him in the head, leaving him bloody and at times unconscious, his attorney Shean Williams said at a press conference.

Walker had been riding in a car with his girlfriend and one of his children when the vehicle, which was being driven by someone else, was pulled over for a broken taillight, said Williams.

鈥淗ow does a taillight being broke end up with a man being beaten and the way he was beaten in a chokehold almost dying?鈥 Williams said. 鈥淲hat the video and the evidence in this case is undisputed, is going to show and has shown is that [Walker] was doing nothing wrong.鈥

Initially, Walker was asked to provide identification to the deputies, Williams said, but Walker told them that he didn鈥檛 have any on him since he wasn鈥檛 driving.

鈥淭hey became upset when he asked, 鈥榃hy are you asking for my ID? I鈥檓 not driving and I haven鈥檛 done anything wrong,鈥欌 Williams said, according to Atlanta station WSB-TV.

Video taken after this purported exchange shows Walker lying on the ground amid a violent struggle with the deputies. A child is heard crying and a deputy yells, 鈥淗e鈥檚 biting my hand.鈥 Walker is seen being punched in the head and lower body multiple times as a woman stands in hysterics just feet away, crying for the deputies to stop.

鈥淥fficer, he said he can鈥檛 breathe! He said he can鈥檛 breathe!鈥 she screams.

Walker was arrested on charges of battery and obstructing law enforcement officers and ordered held without bail due to an existing felony probation warrant out of Fulton County, the Clayton County Sheriff鈥檚 Office said. That warrant is for cruelty to children, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and failure to appear.

It鈥檚 not clear whether the deputies knew about the warrant at the time of Walker鈥檚 arrest. A representative with the sheriff鈥檚 office declined to comment when reached by HuffPost on Monday due to the ongoing investigation. The results of that investigation will be turned over to the Clayton County District Attorney鈥檚 Office for review, the sheriff鈥檚 office said in a statement Sunday.

A photo of Walker released by his attorneys over the weekend shows him with a swollen left eye.

The sheriff鈥檚 office said Walker has received medical treatment and is being monitored at the jail鈥檚 hospital by a doctor. An X-ray of his head did not detect any fractures.

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