Georgia Governor Prays For Rain

George Ervin Perdue has held a public prayer meeting for rain. And personally asked "God" to intervene. That should probably do it.
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2007-11-14-horseshoe.jpg The Republican Governor of the state of Georgia - George Ervin Perdue (who likes to be called "Sonny" even though he is a grown man of nearly 61) - has a major crisis. His state is facing the consequences of a disastrous drought.

Fortunately for the good citizens of that state - he has a brilliant plan to solve the problem.

He has held a public prayer meeting for rain. And personally asked "God" to intervene.

That should probably do it.

However - just in case God doesn't kick in with an immediate sprinkle - I think "Sonny Boy" might want to come up with a couple of other solutions to augment the public chanting.

Here are some other suggestions that may help end the drought in Georgia.

(Feel free to add your own ideas)

• Tell Georgians to avoid walking under ladders. • Abolish the number "13" in Georgia• Outlaw the breaking of mirrors• Put two spoons in a saucer (also may help Georgians have ginger twins)• Place cabbage stalks around the doors and windows of all houses• Forbid pregnant women from wearing high heels during pregnancy• Disallow redheads from being bridesmaids at Atlanta weddings• Encourage people to spit on any broom that touches their feet• Mandate that all citizens wear a rabbit's foot around the neck• Outlaw the use of the two-dollar bill (except to put in church collection plates)• Tell people to throw salt over their left shoulder 73 times every 29 minutes• Adopt black cat as the state's official mascot• Encourage Georgians to wear yellow frilly underwear • Attach horseshoe to top of Lieutenant-Governor's head with orange chewing gum• Declare it illegal to open umbrellas inside walk-in shoe closets• Outlaw stepping on sidewalk cracks (but not on sidewalk crack dealers)• All state citizens to eat plate of black-eyed peas before 4.30am every other Tuesday• Adopt raw herring as the official food - and official pet - of the State

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