Georgia Primary Results 2012: Live Updates

The Georgia primary results will be closely watched on Super Tuesday.

Going into the contest, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was favored to come out on top in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in the Peach State. The latest polls, however, suggest the fight for second place between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum is likely to be a much tighter competition.

HuffPost's Mark Blumenthal reports:

Gingrich may be poised to win a big chunk of Georgia's 73 pledged delegates, the biggest delegation up for grabs on Tuesday. Georgia will allocate its 42 congressional district delegates on a winner-take-all basis, provided the winner receives a majority of the district's vote. With Gingrich's statewide total approaching 50 percent of the vote there, he may pick up all three delegates in many districts.

Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia are also holding primary and caucus contests on Super Tuesday.

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