Georgia House Committee Cancels Meeting On 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Georgia House Committee Cancels Meeting On 'Religious Freedom' Bill

The Georgia House Judiciary Committee canceled a meeting planned for Monday to discuss "religious freedom" legislation amid a national backlash over a similar law in Indiana.

S.B. 129, the Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed the state Senate 38-15 this month and was scheduled for a House vote on Tuesday following a Monday debate.

According to USA Today, "Monday's meeting would have been the move to get it back on the table to be voted on Tuesday. It's not clear if the meeting will be rescheduled."

If passed, the bill would allow a legal defense for businesses and private individuals in the state to deny service to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The meeting's cancellation comes just after the passage Indiana's RFRA, which has sparked a national backlash from groups like the the NCAA and the NBA, as well as businesses that are now reconsidering investment in the state.

As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, Georgia's bill was voted on in the Senate earlier this month within minutes of being introduced, with no advance notice. It was introduced by state Sen. Joshua McKoon (R), who also co-sponsored legislation this session which would allow faith-based organizations to receive public aid.

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