Election Updates 2021: Read The Latest News On Georgia Senate Races, Electoral College Count

Tuesday is the last day for Georgia voters to cast ballots for their U.S. senators, and Congress will certify Joe Biden's presidential election win on Wednesday.

Georgia voters have one final chance to cast their ballots this week in two Senate races, and Congress will take the final step to certify Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump by counting Electoral College votes.

Control of the U.S. Senate will be determined by the runoff elections in Georgia on Tuesday. Republican David Perdue is running for reelection against Democrat Jon Ossoff, and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) is facing off against Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Trump and Biden have both campaigned with their party’s candidates ahead of the election, but Trump has also repeatedly criticized the state’s GOP election officials. He even threatened Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) with criminal prosecution unless he could “find” 11,780 votes in Trump’s favor.

On Wednesday, Congress will formally count the Electoral College votes from the 2020 presidential election, certifying Biden’s win. The count won’t be without some GOP resistance, though: At least 12 Republican senators have pledged to object to the vote certification, dragging out the process but ultimately not changing the result of the race.

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