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Georgia Court Reportedly Lists 'Slave' As Occupation On Questionnaire

On Monday, a prospective juror in Dekalb County told local NBC affiliate 11Alive that he typed the letter "S" for "Sales" on the online questionnaire and said the word "Slave" popped up instead.

Court Administrator Cathy McCumber told the station that the online form is a month old but was derived from an older list that's been used to survey jurors for 13 years. The web development company that the court contracted to make the form says the occupations are user-generated.

McCumber told 11Alive she's not sure if someone added "Slave" after the court put the questionnaire online or if it had always been listed among the other occupations.

The Dekalb County Court did not respond to our request for comment.

Some online commenters speculated that the incident was a bad joke or a prank by a disgruntled employee. Others simply expressed outrage that such a thing could even happen.

USA Today reader Peggy England called it a "low down dirty shame," while Dallas resident Peter Klepinowski declared the following on 11Alive's website: "The court needs to apologize and investigate."