Georgia Tech Smashes Coronavirus Piñata To Celebrate Basketball Road Win

Coach Josh Pastner found an alternative to the team's usual gas station stop for candy.

The Georgia Tech basketball team found a novel coronavirus way to celebrate its road victory Wednesday ― by destroying a piñata shaped like the virus.

The Yellow Jackets, who defeated host Nebraska 75-64, usually visit a gas station for a candy raid to mark wins in enemy territory. But pandemic safety precautions stopped that ritual.

Coach Josh Pastner and his players called the object a “COVID ball,” but it was smashable, and it had sweets in it ― pretty much the definition of a piñata.

Khalid Moore went first in an effort to liberate the Airheads and other treats from their viral vessel.

It took three slams against the floor to bust it wide open (swinging a stick at a piñata hanging in a locker room carries its own hazards). The feeding frenzy was on.

Twitter users had mixed reactions.

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