Gerald Lymon Awarded $4 Million After Farming Equipment Rips His Genital Skin Off

What is the skin on a man's genitalia worth? Four million dollars, according to an Alabama jury.

Kendrick Farms was ordered to pay up on Jan. 17, more than five years after the skin on Gerald Lymon's genitals was pulled off in a tractor accident, according to the Huntsville Times.

"All farm equipment is dangerous," James Johnson, one of Lymon's attorneys, told the paper. "Unfortunately, farmers and a lot of people who employ these laborers don’t do a good job of training them."

Lymon was employed by Kendrick Farms as a temporary worker to install fencing on the day of the accident. Lawyers for the victim argue that his lack of training caused him to operate the machine improperly. He was holding onto the boom of a post hole digger when a drill bit struck a hard piece of ground. He lost his footing and his clothing was pulled into the drill -- along with his genitals.

He lost a lot of skin from his scrotum, Death and Taxes reports.

The jury decided that the farm's owner, Wylie Joe Kendrick is liable for the incident, according to The Huntsville Times' attempts to reach Kendrick's attorneys were unsuccessful.



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