Geraldine Moriba, CNN's 'In America' Producer, Navigates Accidental Journalism, Cancer And Motherhood


A cookbook is opened to a recipe for thumbprint sugar cookies, a favorite in the Meadows family’s Harlem brownstone. Push your thumb into homemade cookie dough, drop a dollop of your favorite jam in the imprint, et voila! A sweet Sunday morning treat. Arranged on the kitchen island are all the implements for baking: a Pyrex measuring cup with 1 cup of milk, eggs, baking powder, butter, flour, sugar, and mixing bowls.

As 46-year-old Geraldine Moriba gives her children, Warner, 16, and Nia, 12, assignments -- pour the dry ingredients into the bowl, crack the eggs, bring out the blender -- you get the sense that she is rarely unprepared for any task put in front of her. An executive producer for CNN’s Emmy-award winning “In America” series, there seems to be a sense of order and purpose in everything Moriba does.

As Moriba and her children talk over the whirr of the blender, it's hard to imagine anything separating her from her family. But an unexpected health scare did just that when Moriba was 38 years old.

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