Geraldo Rivera Grills Herman Cain Spokesman J.D. Gordon Over Sexual Harassment Allegations (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fox News Host Hammers Cain Spokesman Over Harassment Story

Herman Cain's beleaguered spokesman had a tense conversation on Sunday with Fox News' Geraldo Rivera about the allegations of sexual harassment surrounding the GOP frontrunner.

On Sunday, Politico ran a story reporting that two female employees of the National Restaurant Association complained of being sexually harassed by Cain when he was the head of the organization in the 1990s. The story also said that the women were given financial settlements that barred them from speaking about the allegations in future, and that they left the association. The Cain campaign denied the allegations.

On Sunday night, spokesman J.D. Gordon called into Rivera's show, and Rivera put him on speaker phone live on air so that the audience could hear the conversation.

"What you're saying, what you're doing right now is a recipe for disaster, mate," Rivera said. "I'm telling you, the morning papers aren't past their deadline yet." He asked Gordon point blank if he was denying the accounts. Gordon refused, instead casting aspersions on the Politico story.

"The story doesn't hold any weight," Gordon protested. "It has plenty of weight," Rivera said. "Trust me, I've been in this arena for a long time...J.D., you've got to give us more substance, mate."

Gordon continued to dismiss the allegations as flimsy, claimed that major media outlets had refused to go with the story, and called it a "scare campaign." Rivera noted that he was refusing to deny the allegations outright. "Can you put him on the phone?" Rivera asked hopefully. Gordon refused.


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