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Geraldo Ramos Passes Out Drunk, Wakes Up With No Penis

And you thought losing your car keys was bad.

Dominican man Geraldo Ramos told local TV station Noticias Sin this week that he passed out drunk and woke up with no penis.

The 45-year-old from Santiago says he has no clue where his penis went, but neighbors told the station that Ramos was attacked by a dog when he was drunk. Ramos, however, has no recollection of this. The alleged dog has not been found.

If a dog did take his penis, it wouldn't be the first time in recent weeks that a dog has made off with a man's genitalia. In late July, a paralyzed man in Arkansas woke up to discover that his canine companion had eaten one of this testicles.

That's not to say dogs don't sometimes devour G-rated body parts. In June, a dog in Brazil, Indiana chewed off his owner's toes. Doctors believe the animal, a pitbull puppy named Bo, was trying to help the man, who was suffering from a severe foot infection.

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