Geraldo Rivera Wants To Soothe Trump's Feelings By Naming Vaccine After Him

One Twitter user snarkily reminded the veteran journalist, "but you, uh, want people to take it right?"

Geraldo Rivera definitely has his priorities ― and apparently the big one is soothing Donald Trump’s hurt feelings.

Americans are dealing with Trump possibly forcing the country into a constitutional crisis, but Rivera seems more concerned with helping the president out of the funk that appears to have started after it became obvious that he wasn’t releected.

So earlier this week, Rivera floated a trial balloon on Twitter suggesting Americans honor Trump by referring to the first COVID-19 vaccine that makes it to market as “the Trump.”

Rivera thinks naming the vaccine after Trump would heal a divided nation whose division was exacerbated by the president.

Trump would probably go along with it: He’s already taking credit for the rapid development of multiple vaccines while ignoring the deaths or more than 250,000 Americans from the pandemic.

Rivera tried to pitch the idea to “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning.

“It would be a nice gesture to him, and years from now it would become kind of a generic name. Have you got your Trump yet? I got my Trump; I’m fine. I wish we could honor him in that way.”

But many Twitter users shot down the idea of naming the vaccine after the president.

Some were against it for reasons of hypocrisy, since the Pfizer vaccine was developed in part by Muslim immigrants.

Others thought Trump was more of a virus than a cure.

Some people sensed branding issues should Rivera’s suggestion actually be adopted.

One guy had a solution that he thought would please everyone: Naming it the “Trump Virus Vaccine.”

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