Geraldo Rivera Met With Chants Of 'Fox News Lies' At Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

WATCH: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Chant 'Fox News Lies' To Geraldo Rivera

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera faced a hostile crowd over the weekend when he went to Lower Manhattan to report on the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Rivera had been to the encampment the week before, but this time his report was met with an endless chant of "Fox News lies!" Rivera referred to the "vitriol" he seemed to be facing before talking to Tavis Smiley and Cornel West about the protests. Later, the Russia Today network caught footage of Rivera exiting the encampment, followed by more chants of "Fox News lies," as well as people saying "hey hey, goodbye." A protester told RT that Rivera was "chased out" of Occupy Wall Street.

Watch (h/t Mediaite):

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