Geraldo Rivera: 'I Was Right About The Hoodie' (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera Insists He Was Right About Trayvon Martin's Hoodie

Geraldo Rivera still thinks he was absolutely correct when he blamed Trayvon Martin's killing on the teenager's hoodie over four months ago.

The Fox News host caused uproar in March when he claimed that Martin, an unarmed teenager, was shot and killed because he was wearing a hoodie. On Friday, the co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" were discussing the surging number of shootings in Chicago, when Rivera broke in to repeat his incendiary comments about Martin.

“I was right about the hoodie, wasn't I?" he insisted. “I hate to brag, but I got criticized by every pundit in America when I said that Trayvon Martin would be alive today but for the fact that he was wearing thug wear. He was wearing the hoodie. Turns out now that we look at George Zimmerman’s interviews with the police. He didn’t profile Trayvon Martin because he was black, he profiled him because he was wearing a hoodie."

Rivera continued, "The headline is: Zimmerman is not a racist. Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he wasn’t wearing thug wear, if he wasn’t wearing that hoodie."

Later, he alleged that civil rights leaders protested the "purported racism" behind Martin's killing in full force while ignoring the violence in Chicago. "Where is that same feeling of concern in Chicago where 275 African-American kids have killed each other this year alone?" he asked.

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